Hey you!
Sorry this space has been a little bit lonely for a while. I am done with school and I've decided to finally start moving to video :)

(Ok, I'll be honest. I started last summer. I filmed a bunch of things, edited and even published! But I chickened out and nothing came of it.)

So what changed?!

My final project. (Check it out! Beyond the Square)

I had the immense privilege of interviewing all sorts of creative entrepreneurs - learnt how they got to where they are now, what went wrong, the difficulties and failures they faced etc. The inspiration I got was immense. Here's what I learnt:

1) Successful people don't just dream. They take action.
2) Rejection and Failure = Nothing to be afraid of.
3) It's okay to start small.
4) Who cares about what other people think of you?!
5) The biggest thing that holds people back is usually themselves.

So if you've got dreams, plans, ideas (which I am sure most of you are in possession of) - take that jump, make that change, move out of your comfort zone!

Let me know if you do, then we can encourage each other and wallow in embarrassment if necessary ;) but don't let the latter stop you from moving from dream to action!

All my love,

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Paris Paris ParisWhat kind of traveller are you?

More specifically, what kind of packer are you?

I recently did a day-trip to Paris. I was faced with this major dilemma (yes, it's major)  what should I wear?!
(as if this doesn't occur on a daily basis...)
If it wasn't for my rather shallow need to document outfits/what I wear, things would've gone swimmingly.
I had to debate between wearing a thick coat vs something light, a big bag vs a tiny one... and what about shoes?!
I am sure some of you can sympathise...

Anyway, I decided to go with my trusty Samsonite backpack (a decade old - still going strong!) and packed my heels for various vain pursuits (as seen above).

Ok I promise there is a point to all of this nonsense.

Backpacks. They're just totally on point. Especially whilst on holiday ...or when one naturally takes a day trip to Paris
(oh, the joys of London's proximity to Europe!)

Backpacks = free hands to take photos (which is basically the point of a holiday sometimes), space for outfit options/changes, space for putting in your water bottle, external phone charger, extra pair of shoes (all of which I packed)..... you get the picture.

If you're looking to invest in a backpack, I am particularly fond of the one by The Cambridge Satchel Co. Grafea also do a gorgeous range of backpacks, they come in all sorts of colours but I am very much smitten by the white one!

p.s // Travel Tip:
If you book in advance, Eurostar offers tickets from £69 return.
Be sure to sign up for updates so you can score the best seats from London to Paris! :)

Photos by Cybele Goh
OOTD • Coat from ASOS • Superga Classic 2750Samsonite backpack •
Strappy Heels from WildChild

Rejection & Leather Jackets

Afterlight Afterlight Afterlight Afterlight

I care about what people think of me. Or rather  I used to! I mean, I still do on occasion (ok, maybe a lot of occasions) but crucially, it no longer has a hold on me.

In a nutshell: What other people think about who I am doesn't stop me from pursuing the things I want to do anymore.

It's interesting how this came about and I guess on my part it was a gradual realisation of the fact.

Rejection, guys. It's all about rejection (at least in my experience).

I won't sugar coat it and say it's an easy emotion to deal with  because it's not. In fact, when you first experience it.. it's humiliating, upsetting, causes you to question yourself (your abilities... your existence?!) and it makes you feel small. Nobody likes feeling small.

BUT, it really grows on you. Kind of like a leather jacket  it softens with time. After a while, rejection becomes normal  or least, more comfortable (likewise with a leather jacket once broken in).

Indeed, I realised that the biggest thing in my way was me. I was afraid of going into the unknown, of trying new things. It's amazing because once you take the step to be vulnerable (in a way that means leaving your comfort zone), I always find that God steps in and gives you the courage you need to move forward.

So, here's to May 2014 and doing new things without worrying about what people think! ;)

Photos by Sher-Fyonn Chua
OOTD • H&M Top + Skirt • Leather jacket from ASOS

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